New/Adjusted Funds Request (NAFR)

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The NAFR form is used by the State Budget Department and the Governor's Office to review requests for: (1) new or unappropriated federal program funding as well as new or unappropriated private or other endowment funding; (2) significant dollar expansions to existing programs and/or additional personnel requirements; and (3) amendments that change the scope of existing federal or other privately/publicly supported programs or grants.

W.S. 9-2-1005(b) allows the Governor to increase legislative appropriations from non-general fund sources. Through the B-11 process, budgets can be increased with federal and other funds that have NOT been appropriated by the Legislature. This makes it possible for agencies to apply for and receive federal and other funds that are newly available or that an agency has not previously received. However, before such funding can go through this process, W.S. 9-1-208 requires that the Governor give prior approval for associated NAFRs.

This is accomplished through the NAFR form. This form is required for:

  1. New or unappropriated federal program funding.

  2. New or unappropriated private or other endowment funding.

  3. Significant dollar expansion of an existing program/grant.

  4. Programs and/or grants that require additional state employee positions as a condition of receiving funds.

  5. Amendments to appropriated federal or other privately/publicly supported programs that would change the scope of the original appropriation.

Instructions for NAFR Processing

Complete the form with the requested information, including agency name and number, agency contact, grant information and amount, personnel impact, cash or in-kind match ratio and/or maintenance of effort requirements, cost allocation, etc.

The agency director and chief fiscal officer must sign two (2) copies of the form. Two (2) copies of the NAFR form, accompanied by one copy of the federal Standard Form 424 or other applicable forms and one copy of the associated grant application, should be then forwarded to the State Budget Department. The Budget Department will retain one copy of all documentation after the form is approved/disapproved, with the second copy being returned to the agency. It is recommended a copy of the signed form be retained by the agency as a reference copy before the materials referenced above are forwarded.

Email the NAFR form and supporting documents to your assigned budget analyst and to Enter “NAFR REQUEST” and your department number in the subject line of the email.

When received by the Budget Department, the NAFR will be processed as follows:

  • The Budget Department will assign a control number to the form and date it.

  • The Budget Department will review the NAFR and submit comments and the Budget Department’s recommendations to the Governor's Office for review. A copy of the completed form, including the comments and recommendation of the Budget Department and the Governor's Office will be returned to the agency.

  • The NAFR form must be reviewed by the Budget Department and the Governor's Office BEFORE submitting an application for new federal or other funds to a federal agency or private/public association.

Any questions about the NAFR form should be directed to your assigned budget analyst.